Frequently asked questions...

Everything you ever wanted to know about Skylark, but were afraid to ask!

Are Their Any Other Charges Once You’ve Paid For Entry?

No, the entry price includes all the activities. Pumpkins are £2 each.

How Long Will It Take?

You should allow about 45 minutes to navigate your way around the maze itself and then you will need at least another two hours to enjoy all the other activities and attractions on the site, you can stay all day!

What Do We Have To Do?

Before you enter the maze you will be briefed on the challenge that awaits you inside. You will each get a game card explaining on what you will have to do once inside the maze.

What If We Get Lost?

We have dedicated “searchers” patrolling the maze to help find lost souls! Your can also buy a map of the maze to use as a map in case of emergency!

Why Is The Maze Only Open For The Summer & Autumn?

Maize is an annual crop, which means it grows from seed and matures and dies within one season. This means we plant it in May, cut the pathways in June, open once it is big enough to get lost in July, then we have to harvest it in November before it dies! Then we plough the field and start again with a new design the next year. Perhaps you could send us your designs to help us for next year?

What happens if the weather conditions are bad, for example rain?

We are sorry but we may have to delay opening or not open at all. If the weather is bad or forecast to be bad, please call 01354 741212 to check we are open before you set off.

Are dogs allowed in the maze and funyard?

Sorry, except guide dogs, no dogs are allowed in the maze and funyard. They are allowed in the garden centre, on the cafe patio and the cafe garden which is adjacent to the funyard. We also have a large field to the rear of the main site where you are welcome to walk your dog. Please sign in and out at the main garden centre.